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Strawberry Life began in 2011 and is committed to supporting non-profits to grow and thrive. We specialise in Trust and Foundation fundraising. We also write and develop strategies; write tenders; undertake consultations and help with developing non-profits.

An introduction to Strawberry Life

My name is Sonia Hutchison, I’m the founder of Strawberry Life.

After working with charities and social enterprises for 16 years and directly raising over £7 million, primarily through tenders, trusts and foundations, I now want to support a greater number of charities and social enterprises to help them develop and thrive.

Having partnered with many different charities and social enterprises I recognise that many passionate people are only being held back because of a lack of funding.

I want to help not-for-profits overcome that hurdle and where needed to provide training, workshops and tools from my experience of running and growing charities and social enterprises.

I also work with other experts in the field who can provide additional support.

Our commitment to wellbeing

I am passionate about helping people, however, in my research and experience I realised how important self-care is in providing others with support. Therefore, staff wellbeing is of the highest priority and we seek to influence those we work with to look after their own wellbeing.

As a digital nomad I encourage others to work flexibly to encourage a positive work/life balance. I also realise that people want a chance to give back and that is why we seek continual feedback and dialogue with our clients so we can continue to grow and learn ourselves.

What makes us a good fit?

Why Strawberry Life? Well strawberries are my favourite fruit and make me happy and I want everyone to have a life that makes them feel like I do, eating strawberries. 

My aim is to help people by helping charities and social enterprises to do what they do best – do the doing – and get them the money and tools for them to do that. I want to provide an ethical service that is both ethical for the staff that work for Strawberry Life and for the not-for-profits we help.

I want to provide free resources as well as paid resources to strengthen the sector. I undertook a self-study to understand how I improved my practice professionally and personally and bring my findings of caring-with-mutuality which means I want to work with not-for profits in a co-creative way.

I seek to continually improve our practice at Strawberry Life from what we learn from our clients whilst supporting them to grow and thrive. 

We want to be ethical and led by the charities and social enterprises we support as they know the communities they serve best. My personal values are love, hope, justice and participation which I seek to live as fully as possible in the work I do.


We will undertake Trust and Foundation fundraising for you. We charge £15 per hour and if funding is successful we take 5% commission.

We also offer bespoke work to fit any specific needs you have. Prices are negotiable so that we can meet your budget.

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